Past Students

Ph.D Graduates


Kristin Strock: Kristin is an Assistant Professor at Dickinson College.


Courtney Wigdahl-Perry: Courtney is an Assistant Professor at SUNY-Fredonia.


Krista Slemmons: Krista is an Assistant Professor at UW-Stevens Point.

Heera Malik : Heera’s research focused on deciphering the mechanisms behind the climate driven changes in abundances of diatom Cyclotella. She was particularly interested in studying how temperature, light and nutrients interacts to shape diatom (Cyclotella) community structure.

Master’s Graduates


Tim Michel: Since completing his Master’s degree, Tim has been working for Milestone Microwave Laboratory Systems in Connecticut. It sounds like he very much enjoys his job, including the annual training in Italy!


Shaina Doyle Keseley: After completing her Master’s degree, Shaina conducted water quality monitoring for the Lake County Health Department in Waukegan, Illinois, for two years before moving back to Minnesota. She now works for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.


Caren Scott: Caren completed her Ph.D. in Ecology at the University of Toronto and is currently a postdoctoral associate at Michigan State.


Erin Wilcox: Erin works at the Great Lakes Water Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


Carmen Daggett: Carmen is currently working for the Alaskan Department of Fish and Game as an Arctic Regional Coordinator.


Heather Arnett: Heather is working on her Ph.D in Ecology and Environmental Sciences at the University of Maine.


Rob Brown: Rob works as a water resources technician for the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.


Kelsey Boeff: Kelsey works as an academic technician for the Environmental Studies Department at Dickinson College.

Nora Theodore: Nora works as a life scientist with USEPA Region 3, Environmental Assessment and Innovation Division in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.